Intent Data

Get in touch with the right people

The right moment with intent data.

  • A strategic approach to getting prospects what they want
  • Get real, efficient, and optimized leads
  • Realize your sales and marketing goals

What are our Intent data services?

We provide contact-level intent data that is as safe and clean as possible to help you achieve your sales goals.

  • Our intent data service takes a deliberate approach. Only-B2B uses the Mesh Source Intent Data Method (MSM), which involves gathering data from multiple sources and integrating all three levels of intent data – Social Media Intent, Consumption Trend and Contact Level – to generate 95 per cent accurate intent data leads. This results in a shorter sales cycle and higher close rates.
  • You can promote yourself earlier in the buyer’s decision-making process. Knowing when potential buyers are searching for your solution allows you to reach them earlier and encourage them buy your solution.
  • Third-party buyers intent data providers only provide account-level data and make educated guesses about the identities of contact individuals. For effective results, we provide contact-level intent data.
  • Our Intent data provides the context, time, and relevance required to engage prospects and increase sales.
  • We provide lead nurturing for all phases of the customer’s buying and pipeline journey.

Use intent data to increase your sales and marketing efforts:

1. Lead Generation
2. Just-in-Time Outreach
3. Account-based Marketing
4. Activation
5. Customer Alerts

Comprehension And Implementation Of Buyer Insights:

Lead generation

You can fill your funnel with quality leads by identifying prospects that are willing to buy.

Just-in-Time Outreach

If someone is in need of what you are offering, find out quickly and get in touch with them faster. You can instantly access intent-based leads whenever you need them so that you can sell to only those prospects who are ready and willing to buy.

Alerts to Customers

You can keep an eye on online activity to be alerted when a prospect suggests that the time is right for a purchase.


Cross-reference in-house, licensed, or acquired lists with purpose data in databases to re-engage prospects and customers.

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